Restaurant architecture design is a specialized service domain in Origination Design’s, LLC. portfolio. This focus is given to this niche market due to its growing popularity, our team’s combined experience of decades in designing and building themed restaurants for unique brands and chains, and the unique expertise required to successfully design a restaurant that stands the test of time in terms of design quality and efficiency.


If you are looking for a professional architect for restaurant design, Origination Design, LLC. can help you achieve more than you expected with your restaurant design.

Professional architects for restaurant design

We have a dedicated team of architects who have worked on a variety of restaurant design projects . From cuisine specific setups, whose design is also affected by the nature of the cuisine itself, to a range of themes matched with the brand’s facility design and interior design.


\Our architects deliver high quality restaurant designs using industry best practices to ensure safety and stellar materials quality, their years of experience, and a combination of traditional architectural design practices and innovative design solutions. In this manner, we produce designs that are unique in aesthetics and surpass the expectations of the client.

Areas of Focus in Restaurant
Architecture Design


When it comes to restaurant architecture design, the use of natural elements is as important as any other building type. In fact, managing elements – particularly air and light – can produce a much more rewarding result for restaurants and add to the project’s ability to create a low-consumption environment that creates a balanced atmosphere for the patrons dining and visiting the enterprise.


Optimized functionality of the design is crucial to creating an atmosphere that inspires easy movements for your serving staff. This way, the space we design for your restaurant offers ultimate functionality and optimized placement of the kitchen and decreases the feeling of congested space in the dining halls where the floor staff is virtually always moving about. Thus, operations optimized by smart design also produce a sense of volume to your dining areas and makes the patrons feel relaxed.


Our connected services allow consistent results in a project. Using our interior design services with restaurant architecture design, you can let us design an impactful ambiance in the facility. Our team uses state-of-the-art interior design strategies so you give your diners not just great food but a memorable experience overall.

If you are looking for a professional and passionate architect for restaurant design, give our team a call today and request your design brief.