Exceptional Architectural Styles to Consider For Your Next Project

Exceptional Architectural Styles to Consider For Your Next Project

Do you have a mind-picture of your dream building but no words to describe it to your Commercial architect designer Atlanta firm? It might be best described by one of the following architectural styles.

Colonial Review

This was a popular style in the 19th and 20th centuries, during the colonial times. Such buildings have symmetrical façade floor plans. The design is also relevant today, with many developers opting for it.


The federal style became popular in America’s first decades of the nation (18th and 19th centuries). Federal homes are asymmetrical and have tall windows. Initially, federal homes were built in a simple box shape, and you can commonly see additions on the sides of such homes or expanded depth.

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod is an asymmetrical store with a typical original construction of 11/2 stories. Today, you can notice some additions to the sides of behind a preliminary structure meant to increase square footage

Dutch Colonial

The Dutch colonial is not much different from the colonial style. It is in most cases realized due to its gambrel roof with steeper sides and a shallower pitch. The second-floor window pops out on the façade.


A ranch home is also commonly known as a rambler. This is due to the manner in which rooms spread out over only one level. The ranch’s popularity grew in the 1950’s in the mid-century modern movement. The inspiration came from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style.

Split Level

A split level house is a typical variation of a ranch. It, however, offers much of an up-and-down feel when walking through it. This house has a garage beneath the room. It is also characterized by short staircases that lead you and down to rooms on different levels throughout a house.


Victorian homes are marked by their steep roofs, asymmetrical façade, as well as an elaborately crafted trim on rooflines and overhangs. This gives the design a gingerbread look. An example of this is the San Francisco’s Painted Ladies in the U.S.


Craftsman homes came into being in the 20th century. They have a low-pitched roof, an overhanging porch, and inside rafters that are commonly exposed.

Log home

This is an easily recognizable house due to the large logs used to build the house’s exterior walls. The home brings to mind images of small cabins on woods. They are either handcrafted or milled. This means that they are built using wood.

Tudor Revival

This style is easily recognizable due to its steep-pitched roof and a half brick or stone framing with half-timber full of stucco.  Timber in Tudor homes is used cosmetically. This architecture became popular in the 16th century.

Spanish Colonial Revival

This style is easily recognizable due to its terracotta-tiled roof to cater for warm weather. The house is also is completed by arched windows and doors, and stucco or adobe walls.


This design was inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. The design has large columns of smooth surfaces. One example of this design is the U.S. White House.


Similar to the contemporary design, contemporary houses embrace a minimalist appearance that has a focus on function and clean lines.  Most contemporary homes today have a large floor as well as floor-to-ceiling windows. They also have energy optimization features.

Whichever style you choose, get it handled by the best Residential and Commercial architect designer Atlanta company. Remember that a project is as good as the expert behind it.

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