Differences between Residential and Commercial Projects

Differences between Residential and Commercial Projects

The design approach of residential construction and interiors is completely different from that adopted for commercial needs.

While residential architecture aims at satisfying family needs such as shelter and self-expression, a commercial architectural design is more complex. Commercial designs aim at integrating the building into the community and neighborhood, as well as offering services and interiors to tenants for business needs.

These differences are explained more below.

Residential Designs

A residential design process starts with an architect and proceeds on with an interior designer. The architect is responsible for ensuring a home’s safety and integrity. The building’s conformation to construction codes and the right functioning of all infrastructure such as electricity and plumbing is included.

Interior designers offers the textures and colors of the space for the creation of a safe, harmonious, and comfortable environment. One can contract an Interior decorator Atlanta service provider for this.

Commercial Design on Business and Industry

Although commercial architects carry out many similar tasks as residential architects, their roles are more due to higher demands for commercial projects. A commercial construction project will have more demands such as the requirements of passenger and freight elevators, meeting rooms, washing rooms, cafeterias, and parking garages. More specialists such as engineers, factory construction specialists and interior designers are involved more than in the case of residential projects.

Commercial Design for Community Infrastructure

Community infrastructure involves projects on healthcare facilities such as rehabilitation facilities, clinics, and hospitals. Architects here should have knowledge of materials and floors that are easy to keep clean and sterile. An architect needs to be creative in coming up with a design of an environment that will help people get well fast

Other commercial infrastructure projects might involve design of roads, schools libraries, court buildings, police systems, and fire services buildings.

Commercial Design for Hospitality and Retail

Hospitality and tourism architectural designs ought to bring in comfort, luxury, and entertainment. Modern hotels, casinos, and dance clubs project owners ought to teamwork with commercial architects, interior design contractors, and lighting and sound experts.

Steps in a Construction Project

Planning Your Building

To do this, you will be required to measure the size of your space. Once you have the information handy, you then can use a graph paper piece to roughly design your project. An easy-to-use design software might also be useful

Finding an Architect

Once you have a plan for your house, you need to hand it over to an architect who will develop a blueprint for your property. The architect will come up with a building suggestion for your property with all measurements and designs catered for. He will then issue such construction documents to the next party after ensuring that the design is safe for your building.

Ground Breaking

Once your design is complete, you will have to get professional builders for construction tasks. The builders will use the design issued by the architect to construct your ideal building.


When the building structure is complete, you will need to have some decorations on it. You can seek the services of an interior decorator Atlanta in this phase.

Construction projects are quite demanding in terms of funding, creativity, skills, and resources.  To get an outstanding project, you will need to work with experts in each phase of your construction. You should also learn where to get the best interior decorator in Atlanta.

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