Designing custom homes is the most challenging branch of architecture. A beautiful home is infinitely complex in its design even if it may look simplistic.

Design must be done maintaining a delicate balance between comfort and practicality – between luxury and purpose.

Custom Home Design for Alpharetta, GA


Our Custom Home Design Philosophy

At Origination Design, our philosophy of designing homes is embedded in the idea of building a place your family would love to live in and call home. To achieve this high standard, we do the only natural thing there is to do – we listen to you and understand what your family likes.


We use our cache of skills and creative ideas to put together a design you like and build your home the way you want it.

Custom Home Design for Alpharetta, GA

Our Unique Blend

of Design Features


Style plays a central role in our custom home designs. With decades of combined experience of designing a wide array of home types, our team can build classical custom homes and modern homes as well as transitional home designs for you, depending on your preferences.


From laying out the design on paper to setting up the interior of the newly constructed building, we take your vision and manifest the style you want!


We believe there can be no compromise on quality. With a philosophy that interconnects safety and industry best practices, we will never drop the ball on the quality of your custom home design.


From choosing the most reliable materials to getting help from expert labor, our team will make sure that the quality we deliver exceeds your expectations and meets ours.


Giving you more for less is another guiding principle for our team. As ardent fans of smart work, we divide the project into various stages and arrive at the site with utmost preparation and solid plans.


When our designed custom homes are built, they utilize resources and materials efficiently and finish faster.

If you have any questions about our custom homes services, let’s talk today! Give us a call.