Common Architectural Designs

Common Architectural Designs

Architecture refers to the art and technique of building design. This is quite distinguished from construction, although both aim at coming up with a comprehensive building structure. Architecture is more expressive in regards to what features the building should have, and where they need to be applied. In general, architecture is the entire planning for a construction project.

Architecture plays three crucial roles in any project. First, it looks at the suitability of work to use in the project. Secondly, it focuses on the permanence of the construction, and finally the communication of ideas that will see to it the completion of a project successfully.

Architectural types are dictated by the society, and not the architect. All this is based on the exact needs of each institution or a single individual. Below are common architectural design types that architects Atlanta firms can deliver.

Domestic/ Residential Architecture

Domestic architecture is primarily produced for smaller units such as a clan, a family, and dependents. The main purpose is providing shelter, security, comfort, and some bit of elegance and style.

Commercial and Industrial Architecture

People need to work, run businesses, and produce products. All this is only achievable if there are building structures for the same. Commercial structures are business structures, either to rent, or sell products and services ion. Industrial architectural properties are mostly meant for production functions. Each structure should be designed in a manner in which it is capable of handling assigned tasks efficiently.

“Vernacular” Architecture

In today’s world where even institutions are in continuous change processes, living places of ancient and prehistoric origins are still in use. It is not an extraordinary thing seeing a burn constructed in a similar design to those in the 1st millennium.

People are progressively appreciating culture, and having their buildings constructed in designs common to those in ancient times. Just like modern designs, architectural designs on ancient structures will cater for heating, lighting, sanitation, and all necessities in a building.

“Power” Architecture

With the rampant increase in wealth and expressive functions, people are continuously choosing unique designs to help them stand out. This has seen to it the construction of homes, palaces, villas, recreation places, and gardens just to mention a few. Generally, such structures are quite expensive and associated with the rich influential people in the society.

Power architectural designs have a history and were common to the affluent society members centuries ago. Today, however, many people can afford, and such architectural structures are becoming a common trend among the top middle class and rich.

Group Housing

This type of domestic architecture aims at accommodating a group other than a single unit. Mass housing is a trend in the modern world where you find families living in groups. Group housing is produced in many kinds, based on cultures or resident preferences. When coming up with an architectural design, the architect, in this case, accounts for the entire group of houses as opposed to single units. In most cases, group-housing structures have houses with similar designs and make.

There is a wide range of architectural designs to choose from based on your financial capabilities and preferences. Whichever design you go for, make sure that one of the best architects Atlanta firm does it.

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