10 House Design Tricks and Tips

10 House Design Tricks and Tips

Although an Atlanta interior design firm will be incredibly useful in your home’s customization and design, you still can take some low-cost measures to enhance elegance.

Below are tips for achieving this:

Use Lighter Color Paints on Small Rooms

Light colors make small rooms feel larger. Having large windows and mirrors on such rooms will help you in making small and cramped rooms feel larger. Such features will enhance natural light supply and reflection in the room to give it a better feel.

Use Decorative Mirrors to Add Light in the Living Space

As stated above, mirrors are useful in making a tiny room look larger, and to those rooms whose supply of light is limited. Decorative mirrors work well when used to fill empty wall spaces. Whether a mirror is large or small, it will add on the dimensions and lighting of your place.

Mix it up

An Atlanta interior design expert will tell you that your home is a reflection of your personality, preferences, and style. There is nothing wrong in having family heirlooms alongside a modern couch.

Also, that antique Chippendale desk you got from your grandfather has a story to tell. The modern couch you are in love with has its own story too. Therefore, there is no reason not to have such things co-exist.  Mix up textures and patterns. Use the old, new, cheap, and expensive all altogether.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are both economical and elegant. They are useful in adding any room’s storage. The buckets are useful in storing display books, towels, toys, magazines, and blankets among others. You can place some wicker baskets on your kitchen’s countertops to beautify it and store vegetables or fruits.

Slip Into Something Comfortable

While slipcovers get a rap often, they are wonderful features. You can use them to change the look of your furniture to reflect current seasons. They can be easily removed and will come along with a sophisticated look without worrying about chances of people spilling on your furniture or dirtying it.

You can user slipcovers on rooms that are frequented by children. In addition, slipcovers have sophisticated elegance and comfort.

Make use of What You Have

Other than running into stores, look at what you have in the house that can be used to enhance its appearance. Silver, metal, trays, smooth wood pieces and acrylic among others can play a crucial role in enhancing your place’s elegance.

Wallpaper or Paint your Bookcases

This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of transforming a borings pace. Besides, bookcases are convenient to paint, as, on these, you do not have to paint large spaces.  You also can paint the inside of closets, ceilings, fireplace mantels, and hallways.

Use Rugs on Hardwood Floors

Rugs are convenient in softening and adding warmth on hardwood floors. They will also bring in good texture, personality, and color to your place. They are functional, fun, and comfortable.

Get a Hanging Potholder

Putting this in your kitchen will increase both its space, elegance, and functionality.

Go Green

Put some plants in your house. Plants are not very expensive and can be useful in adding color and texture to your place.

Those are just some instant measures to beautify a place. You, however, should not overlook the need to hire an Atlanta interior design firm for better customization and incredible design results.

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