10 Contract Documents for Successful Construction Projects

10 Contract Documents for Successful Construction Projects

Coming up with a workable contract is one of the crucial steps in the success of any project. Below are 10 construction contract documents that you will probably have to handle when dealing with contractors and architects in Atlanta.

Contract Agreements and Contracts

This is an agreement used by the .prospective building’s owner and the contractor. It is the main contractual document, and other contractual documents attach a reference to it.

Statement of Work (SOM)

A solid scope of work is crucial in the bidding process and the constructions sequence. This document defines the scope of work to be applied in determining the work amount required for project completion.

General Conditions

This is a contract document defining obligations in regards to project execution and the rights of each party. It includes all overhead costs, what someone can claim, and entitlements.

Special Conditions

This is an amend and an extension of the general conditions. It needs to specify general conditions and clauses pertaining to every project or job. It has special instructions and requirements on how each job should be performed.

Bill of quantities

This is a document made up by the list of different materials and trades that the construction project will require. This document might not be required by the contracting officer at all times.


Each contract can have a set of drawings forming part of the job that ought to be performed. The drawings need to be issued to a contractor before commencing the building. This should include all drawings from consultants and experts constituting the entire project.

You should work with the best architects in Atlanta to help you in the building’s design stage and construction documentation.

Master Format Outline

This is a technical requirement to complete, execute and perform tasks or get matters incorporated in a building project. It adds intelligence to the drawings of a construction.

The role of this document is specifying common standards explaining accepted deviations, and providing information on accepted material details. it also cites all required materials for testing. Specifications could be made through referencing construction codes and standards.

Creating Construction Schedule

A construction schedule is a crucial component of this document. A contracting officer knows how and when a project will be completed through the review of this part. At times, a construction contract might need an updated schedule throughout the construction progress. The schedule can be monthly or agreed on payment application terms.

Costs in the Construction Industry

This breaks down all the construction project’s incorporated items. It is normally the base for payment application. It could be detailed per item or in the form of lump sum without specifying individual items.

List of Common Types of Construction Insurance

This forms an important part of the contract by providing the owner a guarantee that the contractor has economic backup and means to perform under the construction contract’s terms. It includes specific coverage types, insurance protections available to the prospective property owner, and required bonding.

Having the right contractual agreements and documentation is the first step to having a successful building project. As you come up with the contract, explore additional possibilities such as the need to issue stop-work orders, safety instructions, staffing requirements, excusable event, and details about liens.

As an armature to contractual agreements though, coming up with favorable contract terms could be daunting. A number of competent architects in Atlanta can help you draft a good contract to use all through.

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